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Some background information

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my blog – my little secret discovery space for new interesting places, photos, stories, travels and more. Lots of random staff that should give you a rather good idea of what I am about.

Originally from Estonia, I graduated from university in England with a BA in Business and Finance. I am a start-up geek, travelling enthusiast and I love fashion.

Now I work in a fintech startup in London and love every second of it.

This is my first attempt of blogging, so bare with me 🙂

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Some facts about me

  • I love to travel! 🙂 As a funny fact I discovered that in last 4 years I have lived (so been there for more than 3 months) in 5 countries. Though tiring at times I love the change and thrill of discovering something new every singe day. Now I am planning to stay in London for some while.
  • I like to learn new things: this year I started sailing and played my first 18 holes in golf course. Last year for example I learned salsa dancing and Pilates.
  • I have been fortunate to travel a lot  and have visited 32 countries all together
  • I like fashion and, with a little help of my friend, started a website as a course work www.streetbooth.com


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