Last Friday it was my turn to organize our evening and a date. We went to a very cool place that I thought would be worth sharing with you. And we also took some pictures to liven things up a bit 🙂

We went to Polpo in Soho. It’s quite well-known in London. I came across this name or one of it’s sister restaurants (Polpetto, da Polpo, Spuntino, MISHKIN’s) quite several times just by coincidence so I figured it must be worth visiting. It is one of the favorite place  of many London food bloggers and restaurant critics (Gourmet chick). I was a bit afraid that we might not get places, as the restaurant does not take reservations for dinner and it was Friday night, but when we arrived at around 5 o’clock it was almost empty. It got pretty full around 6.30pm however.

So Polpo is a Venetian Bacaro or a wine bar. The atmosphere is great, a bit busy with people chatting and waitresses running around you and at the same time relaxing, feeling quite far away from everything else. The decor leaves a very warm feeling. It leaves an impression of an old place, yet in a quite modern way 🙂 The service is fantastic, very personal and warm and of course food is really the reson everybody keeps going back there. They serve chicheti’s – little plates of bread, meat, meatballs, fish, vegetable’s, desserts and sweet things. The wine is served in carafe’s and is surprisingly affordable for a place in Soho.

We had the white house wine tasted great and ordered grilled focaccia with olive oil, lamb with white beans and garlic, grilled sliced flank steak with porcini cream and sgroppino and tiramisu pot for desserts. (We were not that hungry, but if you were you would probably want to order more than we did at the time.) The food was very simple yet utterly delicious. The tiramisu was probably the best I have ever had. And the best part was that the prices were quite reasonable (as you can see from the photo I made of the menu). A lovely place for a relaxed Friday night, 100% recommended!

Pictures this time are mostly taken by Sander Saar.

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