Leisure Society with Agyness Deyn

I am a big theatre lover, but had not managed to visit a proper theater in London until quite recently. And it was  quite exciting 🙂

I actually got the idea when reading a fashion magazine. They wrote about a supermodel, Agyness Deyn, once dubbed the new Kate Moss, who had an astonishing career going, but has been out of the spotlight for some time now.

So Agyness Deyn (Laura Hollins by birth, she changed her name to further her modeling) was found when shopping in Kentish Town with her designer friend Henry Holland, when she was 18. At relatively old age for a new face in fashion, she was lied to be much younger when becoming a superstar (her CV stated she was 18 when actually she was 24). She has been featured on the cover of endless magazines, including Vogue, Grazia, The Sunday Times and appeared in advertisement for Anna Sui, Burberry, Mulberry, Giorgio Armani etc. There is also one whole issue of i-D magazine devoted to her and she has been the face of fragrance The Beat by Burberry and several others… She is among the top 30 models of 2000s according to Vogue Paris. But at the hight of her career, she decided to stop. According to some the reason was because she got bored, according to others she wanted to take time off to spend with her boyfriend, but the important thing is that she took up acting again (she had done music and drama in school). And the play we went to see was her first role on the West End stage.

Leisure Society (in Trafalgar Studios, London) is a comedy bu a French-Canadian author François Archambault. It is a story about a perfect couple, who have everything they ever wanted to have and so HAPPY indeed. Their baby cries a lot though and they have a friend whom they want to end their relationship with. Somehow threesome, abortion as well as suicide  comes up as a topic… It is socially provocative and modern in a way that presents our society and it’s problems nowadays quite well. The actors are talented and very real. And Agyness suits perfectly the part she is playing and carries out the role marvelously. So much as to when I watched an interview with her on Saturday Night Live I was well surprised to see that in reality she is very different from the girl she played in Leisure Society.

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed the play and could warmly recommend it. It opened up some interesting conversations, raised many questions and made us think about the society we live in now, which is never a bad thing…

PS! Before the show we had a bit of time and visited a place I had heard about from several sources. As a little secret I can share with you a place in London where you have the most fantastic views over the London, can enjoy pure sunshine and nice summer breeze in hot weather and sip perfectly made cocktails… All in one place. On the rooftop of The Trafalgar Hotel (right at the Trafalgar square) there is a stunning open-air bar “Vista”. Go check it out and let me know what you though of it 🙂

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