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I was in Estonia for couple of weeks during the Easter and now have loads of posts lined up about different events and places. As always I forget myself, when in Estonia: it seems I have so much to do and still manage to do so little. Now looking back, it seems I managed at least something…  🙂 but unfortunately blogging was not one of those things 🙁

However. I got an invitation to Lilli Jahilo fashion show/exhibition now already a while ago and decided to go. How often does it happen that I am invited to these kinds of events anyway, so I was quite thrilled.

It was not a fashion show in it’s usual meaning (with models walking on the stage), but rather an exhibition. She said that as so much work and effort has been put into this collection and into every singe piece these are worth more than just a seven minute show on the stage. In an exhibition form it is possible to enjoy these masterpieces more fully and take the time to watch and touch and make an impression of one’s own. A valid point I think, yet it does not mean I would not have liked to see the dresses on walking models 🙂

Lilli Jahilo is an Estonian designer, an incredibly nice person and a hard-working woman. She has won several awards: the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 award for outstanding entrepreneurial performances by the Swedish Business Awards and in 2008 her MA graduate collection won the academy’s best young designer grand prix. She has studied in Norway, at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and in Estonia in Estonian Academy of Arts. And in 2010 she established her own studio.

Her designs (as you can see from the photos I added as well) are very feminine and elegant, balancing between minimalistic Nordic aesthetic and the lavish colors and handicraft of local traditions.

Dresses we saw were adorable, hopefully you like them too. And she also makes clothes on order 🙂

I apologize for the bad quality of the pictures. As I did not have the camera with me I just made the best I could out of the iPhone.

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