Author: Liis Saar

  • 50 weeks in London – Soho Stories with Music&Food

    Soho in London is a place that probably everyone has heard of, a rather infamous part of town dare I say. Partly due to its contradictions and history I am a big fan – so I wanted to share with you some of my favourite places as well as give you an overview of what […]

  • 50 weeks in London (10) – Pork Life

    Last weekend there was a new two day festival by Big Eater and MasterChef winner and Nanban founder Tim Anderson taking place in Dalston Yard. You could find more than twenty of London’s best food stalls all in one place. So without much further hesitation we got on our bikes to try all things Pork […]

  • 50 weeks in London (9) – Marvellous Marylebone

    Thinking of a great way to spend a lazy Saturday morning in London? Try Marylebone! It seems unbelievable that a place so central (literally right behind Oxford street buzzle) can feel so relaxed – almost village like. The places to visit a plenty, for shopping as well as for cultural experiences and food. There is […]

  • 50 weeks in London (8) – Best apps to use in London

    YPlan – making your life in London more fun and spontaneous YPlan is an app for the spontaneous people, who rarely make plans much in advance and and like surprises. You can book tickets to different types of events happening the same night or in couple of days time. The events themselves vary – you […]

  • 50 weeks in London (7) – The brunch guide

    Before coming to London I was not a big fan of brunch. I rarely ate breakfast and the whole egg and bacon and beans thing seemed pretty disgusting if anything. I could not have been more wrong!!! (To my defence I do not think I had had good ‘egg and bacon and beans’ before). Moving […]

  • 50 weeks in London (6) – Street art in East London

    I just spent an amazing afternoon touring East London, mainly the Shoreditch area, discovering and learning about Street Art (an amazing tour by I enjoyed it so much that it would both painstakingly hard as well as selfish to keep it all to myself. We have wondered around Shoreditch quite often, but never have […]

  • 50 weeks in London (5) – London Fashion Weekend

    “Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is London’s largest and most exclusive designer shopping event open to the public biannually. Enjoy shopping, pampering, champagne and catwalk shows over four days with British designers including Rigby & Peller, Pringle of Scotland, Jaeger, French Sole, American Retro, Twenty8Twelve, Yes Master and Antipodium selling their collections at up to 70% […]

  • 50 weeks in London (4) – FresEst

    FreshEst in the International Fashion Showcase 2013, February The second year in a row, just before the London Fashion Week  in February, took place the International Fashion Showcase. It is an event for young designers from all over the world to collaborate, learn, gain experience and make new relationships in the international arena. In collaboration […]

  • 50 weeks in London (3) – Chinese New Year

    Every year sometime in late January – mid February you can witness the largest Chinese New Year celebration outside Asia here in London. This year the magical date was 10th February, when the Year of Snake began. (Each year in the Chinese calendar is represented by one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac). […]

  • 50 weeks in London (2) – Kriss Soonik Loungerie Party

    Probably my all time favorite topic for writing/conversations is successful Estonians. And the topic becomes even better when I can talk/write about it in the London context. It is like mixing two good things (like ice-cream and chocolate) and get an even better new thing (chocolate ice-cream;)). This week I had the opportunity to attend Kriss Soonik “Voodoo […]